We offer live captioning and related services for events and direct clients. Working with us gives you access to our Line 21 cutting-edge technology such as the Ai Proofreader to augment human captioning. We support a wide range of scenarios and destinations.

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Live Events

Our verbatim live captions are produced by accredited stenographers and respeakers with decades of experience in providing accessible captions for live audiences around the world. A verbatim captioner will caption every word; typically reaching speeds of 300 words per minute!

As part of our service, we match events to captioners - if there's tricky terminology or a specific industry involved, we have a specialist for you. And as part of our commitment to accuracy, we include our Ai Proofreader as a safeguard for your audience.

Electronic Notetaking

Some viewers may prefer condensed speech, between 80-90 words per minute with the meaning of the sentence conveyed without the verbatim support. This may be supporting a sign language user, a student, or someone who prefers to review the talking points after an event - access is best when tailored to the individual.

Not sure which service works best? We'll brainstorm with you.


All of our captioner transcripts are available to download in multiple formats (TXT, SRT, VTT) immediately at the end of your session. This includes machine translated and Ai proofread transcripts if you use these features to support your captioning experience.

Technical Support

We know we need to make every minute matter. That's why we're on hand to provide technical support for each event - whether encoding captions for the first time to wider audiences via CEA 608/708 channels, streaming to multiple channels in multiple languages, or even just logging in for the first time. Have a complicated set up? Talk to us.

Access to Work

We're here to support professionals worldwide in their day to day. In the UK, we include the government scheme of Access to Work, that provides funding for d/Deaf professionals in their career. Specialise in a field with niche terminology that automated captions just can't handle? Talk to us - we understand.