Once created and proofread, the captions can be distributed to viewers. We offer 4 different methods to do this, ranging from shareable links to overlays, direct app integrationa and video caption encoding.


Caption Viewer Link

We provide a dedicated page that you share with your viewers. The page allows the viewers to select the desired language and the style to display the captions

Overlay App

You can install our Line 21 App that allows you to display captions as an overlay. Useful for in-venue display scenarios where captions need to be layed over a video. If offers the same range of style customisations.

Integrations with video apps

We integrate with a wide range of app using live video such as: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.

In these scenarios the captions are sent directly to the app and the app is able to display them in dedicated places using API keys.

Video encoding (CEA-x08)

For video streams that depend on RTMP streaming, we also offer video caption encoding. Compatible with a wide range of endpoints: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, custom RTMP.

Excellent for integrating into existing video streaming flows (live shopping, custom support, live events, etc.)