ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition

Line 21's ASR offers efficient real-time speech-to-text conversion, ensuring accurate and context-aware transcriptions. It utilizes advanced AI glossaries for improved accuracy, making spoken content accessible and clear. This feature is designed to enhance audience engagement by delivering precise and comprehensible text from audio/video streams.


ASR Glossaries

The ASR system relies on glossaries to significantly improve transcription accuracy. These glossaries are automatically extracted from global Ai context, constantly updating with the latest terms and phrases, ensuring the ASR's speech-to-text conversion is precise and up-to-date.

Full RTMP integration

Our system integrates smoothly with RTMP-based setups, effortlessly receiving video streams and generating automatic captions. It also offers the capability to encode these captions into another RTMP stream, allowing for easy simulcasting to a client's own infrastructure. This process ensures a seamless and efficient captioning workflow.


Ai Engines

Our ASR solution uses a range of advanced AI speech recognition engines to support over 60 languages. Each engine, with its unique glossary and context, enhances transcription quality and accuracy.This approach ensures efficient and precise speech recognition across various languages.

Ai Translations

The ASR feature includes an option for automatic translation of captions into over 100 languages, enabling accessibility for a wide international audience. This functionality allows for effective communication across different linguistic backgrounds, making content more universally accessible and understandable.

ai translations