Ai Proofreader

Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Line 21's Ai Proofreader is a dynamic safeguard for audiences everywhere. It respects the context, adapts to the content, and delivers captions that don’t compromise. With the power to understand and adapt, empower your audience to participate fully, and ensure that the text on screen is the message intended.

Trust modes

You retain full-control over the behaviour of the Ai Proofreader, depending on the level of trust and the depth of the context provided.


For users who want suggestions only for their corrections, the Advisor is here to help - with a keystroke the edits can be implemented for the audience once a human has approved.


The Assistant actively supports writers in live events; trusted to make live edits for the audience as captions are created while the captioner can recall any changes with the touch of a button.


Trusted to get it right, our Approver makes the final edits to human captions before the audience views them; a seamless experience for accessibility and groundbreaking part of our translation accuracy.


Like any other team member, the Ai Proofreader wants to understand its limits in getting it right for your audience and how much freedom it has to check text before delivery. We offer two precision levels, optimised for speed or accuracy.


Fast captions delivered with precision, ignoring wider issues in the text if grammatically correct.

What should we do when scaning of fails?
What should we do when scanning off fails?


The Ai takes a second longer to balance its helpfulness with your content, adding punctuation and formatting and making wider revisions.

Boromiet took over when scanning off fails.
Boromir took over when Gandalf fell.

Context & rules

Ai Proofreader learns from the context provided, making it adept at recognizing thematic elements, character names in scripts, or technical terms, allowing it to proofread with a keen, context-aware eye. For further fine tuning, we’ve added two rules for the Ai Proofreader to always consider. If an audience is enjoying a tall tale, then the Ai Proofreader can be instructed to ignore deliberate factual errors as part of the context, and spellchecker can similarly be disabled to allow spelling mistakes.